VISUAL SUPPORT “First-Then” For Toilet Time


Use this simple chart to help show and prepare your child for toilet time. When children can see what activities are coming, they can prepare themselves, which can help to lower anxiety.  Comes with 54 activity pictures!

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First-Then Charts are a simple, effective way to help your child prepare themselves for the next activity that is coming in a routine.

First-Then Charts can help your child to understand what is expected of them in a particular situation. Knowing their expectations can help to lower their anxiety and help them complete these activities.

  • You can use a ‘First-Then’ Chart to help your child understand that they do not have to ‘stop’ their play altogether – they are simply ‘pausing’ their play to have a quick toilet stop and they can then go straight back to play.
  • You can use a ‘First-Then’ Chart to help your child prepare themselves that toilet time is coming. Through providing a visual (picture) prompt, this helps your child to process this information in their own time, long after the verbal reminder that you have given has gone. This can help your child to prepare themselves, helping to reduce anxiety and avoidance behaviours.
  • Includes 54 activity/toy pictures
  • Don’t see the picture you need? Let me know at and I’ll add it to the collection!


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