5 Ways to Incorporate Movement Breaks into Your Classroom (without your students even knowing!)

With an overcrowded curriculum and constant classroom interruptions, as dedicated and BUSY teachers you want your students to maximise their learning time. I hear you! And we know that students can learn best when they are regulated, settled and alert. One of the best tricks to ensure that your students maintain focus and engagement is…

First then visual support

5 Ways to Use a First-Then Visual Board in Your SPED Classroom

As hard working special education teachers, we want to make our teaching day as smooth and happy as possible. But when our students’ struggle with transitioning from one activity to the next, this can make our day tiring, stressful and deflating. The good news is that there are SO many strategies that you can implement…

4 Tips To Help Your Child Play With Their Toys

One of the biggest questions families ask me as a paediatric speech pathologist is ‘why won’t my child play with their toys?’. This is a huge topic and one that has many answers and discussion points. So let’s grab a cuppa, settle in and look at some of the reasons why your child may be…


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