Learn how to choose a high quality, evidence based social story

What Makes a “Good” Social story? 5 Tips for Choosing High Quality Resources for Your Students

Social stories can be extremely effective tools for supporting social behaviours in children with Autism, ADHD, developmental delays and other additional needs. And let’s face it, the Internet is FILLED with social story options to teach a wide range of social skills and routines. But did you know that not all social stories are created…

learn how to help your toddler stop playing to sit on the potty

How to Help Your Child Stop Playing to Sit On the Potty – 4 Top Tips

Helping your toddler to stop playing to sit on the toilet can be one of the biggest toilet training hurdles I see. As if potty training isn’t stressful enough, battling with your child to pause their fun activity of playing to have toilet time can be a massive battle.   Interestingly, there can be many…

How to support students in the school setting with Selective mutism

5 Ways to Help Students with Selective Mutism in the Classroom

What is Selective Mutism in a Child?   Selective Mutism is an anxiety disorder which is characterised by difficulty or inability to speak in particular social situations, including school, preschool, work or other community places. Children with selective mutism generally speak clearly and without difficulty when they are relaxed and feel comfortable, such as at…

Top tips for early career educators

What I Wish I Knew as a First Year Teacher

The mantra for my 20+ year career has always been ‘When you help a child, you help a whole family’. This has been the driving force behind everything I have done in my professional life. So when it came time to choosing my Uni degree (Teaching behind Door #1 and Speech Pathology behind Door #2),…


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