My Puppy’s A Poo Magician

A story about a puppy who is scared to poo

Meatball the puppy is scared to poo. He is afraid that his poos will hurt so he tries to make them “disappear” by holding them inside his body. Unfortunately those poos keep sneaking back in frustrating, embarrassing ways. Meatball learns that the only way to REALLY make his poos disappear is to push them out!⠀


With the Foreword produced by ERIC, Children’s Bowel and Bladder, this is the story families need to start the conversation about the silent, confusing issues of constipation, stool withholding and encopresis.

A story about a puppy who is scared to poo

My Puppy’s A Poo Magician


Melissa Yapp

Hi there! Thanks for visiting The Teaching Speechie Children’s Resources.  


I’m Melissa – speech pathologist, special education teacher and a mother of two loving, spirited children. I’m also the creator of The Teaching Speechie Children’s Resources.


The mantra throughout my 20-year career has always been “When you help a child, you help a whole family.” My career has taken me from mainstream and special education classrooms, to being a school-based speech pathologist and now to a clinic-based speech pathologist.


I have ALWAYS used visual supports and story books to help families help their children. I just love how these tools can speak to children in a gentle way, giving them time and space to process new information and skills.

My articles and resources have been featured in Autism Parenting Magazine, Autism Advocate Magazine, ERIC The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity and ‘BubHub’, helping to reach so many families and professionals looking for fresh, new ways to help their children progress.


I’m SO pleased that you’re here as it is my mission to help you help your child and students through visual supports and story books. My goal is to reduce your anxiety, overwhelm and feelings of helplessness through bringing you information, resources and advice, helping you to feel more confident, calm and in control.

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