Struggling to help your child progress with toilet training or potty training? This social narrative is your go-to resource to help your child struggling with stool withholding, toilet avoidance, encopresis and other bowel issues. It is also a valuable resource for children with Autism or other disabilities who are having difficulty with toileting.


Is your child struggling with constipation, stool withholding, toilet avoidance or Encopresis? This GIRLS VERSION Stool Withholding Social Story Toolkit (American and UK version) is your complete resource to help your child navigate the psychology of Stool Withholding when toilet training. This resource is also a valuable resource for children with Neurodivergent children, such as Autism or other disabilities who are having difficulty with toileting training or potty training.

This Complete Pack Includes:

  • 1. SOCIAL STORY: “I Can Push Out My Poop” –GIRLS VERSION.
    This simple story reduces toileting anxiety and avoidance through teaching your child or student the expectations of the toilet process.
  • This story examines the fear behind stool withholding (sometimes known as Encopresis), helping you to have open and honest conversations about this difficult issue.
  • Children are more likely to internalise messages if they connect with them. This story provide spaces to personalise the story with your child’s own interests and other details.
  • The colourful and age-appropriate pictures help your child engage with the story and messages.
  • This high quality, high value social story includes separate colour and black/white versions, as well as a ‘blank’ version for your child to illustrate themselves, making to make each story relevant to them.

Why is this Potty Training Social Story Unique?

There are HEAPS OF Toilet Training Resources out there! So how is this resource different?

This Social Story is for children who are stool withholding, avoiding toileting or having difficulties progressing with toilet training. This Social Story is NOT a story for showing children how to use the potty or toilet. In fact, the toilet is not even mentioned in this story at all!! For children with bowel and bladder difficulties, using the toilet is a LONG TERM goal. This story helps children to feel content with pushing out their poos to start to break the cycle of stool withholding, chronic constipation and toilet avoidance.

2. TOILET ROUTINE ANCHOR CHART: Children who hold in their poos often need support re-learning the correct positioning and technique for pushing out a poo correctly and painlessly. This Summary Poster is the ideal visual support to keep near the toilet to support your child in a visual way.


To break the cycle of chronic constipation caused by stool withholding, many children respond to using a reward chart. This RAINBOW THEMED Reward Chart is uniquely designed to motivate and engage your child with the following features:

· Spaces to write the GOAL and REWARD, so that your child knows WHAT they are working for and what their reward will be.

· A choice of 3, 5 or 10 spaces for children to reach their reward.

· A logical, left to right design, making it easy for your child to track their progress

· A fun, happy Rainbow Theme

RESOURCE NOTE: The language used in this resource is aimed at an American/UK audience and as a result, the word ‘poop’ is used to describe a bowel motion.

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Jeanie Brown, Life Skills Teacher, TPT Seller:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Extremely satisfied

“My first year in a Life Skills classroom. I have learned so much. I wasn’t sure how to approach this life skills. The book was easy to put together. I also bought the book that was suggested and my students love it.”



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